Wednesday, 22 December 2010


During Christmas day at home when I was growing up the television was on the whole day starting with the children's programmes. The strand generally ended with a very poor festive cartoon film called something like Flossy Reindeer Saves Christmas. Where the eponymous hero learns something about the true meaning of Christmas and other moralising messages pausing only for some really bad songs. Nobody's really watching it though because its presents time!

Television at Christmas time thrives on tradition, turning over just as the Queen's speech is starting and only tuning back once its safely finished. watching The Snowman on Channel 4. Which I see is being shown again, although no longer on Christmas day. Repeats give rise to that great pre Christmas traditions the newspaper article complaining about the amount of repeats. The Daily Mail managed to excel this year by publishing the piece before the schedules had been released.

Tradition is why the Sound Of Music gets another showing, personally I'm not a fan of over saccharine type films with the possible exception of Its A Wonderful Life. The great thing about tradition is that every family's traditions are different and there's probably a new one starting this year.


  1. There's something comforting about traditions at this time of year however much you analyze what's really behind them.
    For me the Queen's Speech is a link from 'home' to 'here' in my present.

  2. In a time when so much is uncertain, repetition gives a little bit of stability and comfort.

    I wonder if Noel Edmonds is having a Christmas show? Or whether his Deal or No Deal ressurgance will take precedence (No-el Deal maybe?)

    Also, I'm a little disappointed this post isn't about my favourite song from Fiddler on the Roof! :D

  3. All in all, I am trying to start a new tradition with my nephews this year by showing them the "Santla" clip from Aniamaniacs which in my humble opinion is the best ever interpretation of the 'Noel' song ever done.


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