Sunday, 21 November 2010

Great Trans Cliché's

A number of overused word and phrase's used within the transgender communities in no particular order. Yes this writer pleads guilty of uttering at least one and asks for a series of other transgressions to be taken into consideration.

  • Transition or die.
  • Real Self (or Selves or me).
  • True Self (a variation on the previous)
  • Its not about the clothes.
  • En Fem.
  • I'm not interested in (sport or a particular sport).
  • Passing
  • Stealth
  • Hun

Any more suggestions?


  1. There's 'classic' transsexual, too. An identity adopted by some late transitioners who want to make up for lost time.... and of course 'my friends can't understand how I ever used to pass as a man....' -but you've nailed the snappy ones!

  2. Don't forget "I'd rather die as a woman than live as a man".

  3. I never understood 'Hun' - just thought it was Northern English greeting!
    "Getting in touch with your inner girlie"???

  4. 'Hun' always reminds me of Blackadder 4... can't think why.

    Any puns on 'fem' I guess - Femmed up for example.

    - Girl time
    - t girl (when you're not remotely girlie - guilty as charged!)
    - trans-something-or-other
    - use of the word 'trapped'

  5. Yeah, guilty of using some of those.

    The one I just hate is "gurl". Some of my CD friends use this word. I guess they're being honest and respecting the work "girl" for those who really are?

  6. This is not a word or phrase, but nevertheless a cliché: the photograph of a t-girl in which she's holding out her skirt either side as though she's just about to curtsey. What is up with that?

  7. Thanks. Some great additions, I will be on the lookout for any more.


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