Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pride Before A (Rain) Fall

Another week, another pride. This one was more local but sadly the rain didn't hold back.

Swindon Pride is very much a small provincial pride event, the main event is held in the Town Gardens a pleasant park from the Victorian era with the Bowl stage built in the 1920's with some of the art Deco touches you'd expect from that era, it was restored a few years ago and hold several outdoor concerts a year, including this one.

I did not go any further than the entrance to the stage area, can't say I'm that interested in the line-up, though looking back toward the bandstand, there was a band tuning up, so there was some alternative. I found out later it had turned muddy towards the stage I did not have the footwear for that. Perhaps I should add some nice patterned Wellington boots to my shoe collection, if only I could spot them in my size.

100_1831Swindon Pride 2010

In nicer weather it would have been a great place to have a picnic, sadly the heathens really opened and we all set off to find a bar or cafe in Old Town eventually settling upon a nice Spanish bar.

Overall (leaving aside one menacingly rude man who one felt was spoiling for a confrontation, if not a fight) was that it was pleasantly youthful and friendly though there were very few trans or gender variant people that I saw

Even if my shoes were wet. Got a hug which made it worth getting damp.

There was a group going round offering free hugs (nope me neither) which decided to give me one, for some reason, which I tried to respond to in some non shy English way and failed miserably.

Thank you to Jenny and her wife for the lift there, I'm sorry I messed up the directions though the roundabout obsessed West Swindon (Lydiard Millicent is not a bad village though:)) and to those I met including Jae.


  1. Any time, and our unexpected wander throught the wilds of Western Swindon was most entertaining.
    Thank you for your company, I hope we'll have a better atmosphere next time.
    The belligerent drunken gay guy was annoying, wasn't he. I hate it when something like that brings my blokeish aggression to the surface.

  2. The HEATHENS opened up? (lol) Perhaps a Freudian slip?

    Nice to see you, Jenny and her wife having a nice time on a rainy day.

    Calie xxx

  3. Calie - I failed to spot that :).

    Jenny - Yes, here's to a better atmosphere next time.


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