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Skirting The Issues

Gymslip hysteria shows the age of satire is dead  
By Daily Mail Comment. Last updated at 12:39 AM on 23rd February 2010. 
Defying parody, a £70million-a-year quango warns schools it may be unlawful for them to require girls to wear skirts.
And why? Because ... wait for it ... under Harriet Harman's Equality Bill, compulsory 'gender-specific' uniform may breach the rights of transsexual pupils!
Schools that force girls to wear skirts may be breaching the rights of girls who feel compelled to live as boys, according to a quango
It is still unclear how much time and public money the Equality and Human Rights Commission has lavished on its 68-page report. All that's certain is that this lunacy proves, yet again, the age of satire is dead.
As a former pupil of Grotbag Comprehensive, now demolished with the playing fields sold and rebuilt as the Macky D Academy High, managed by EduCorp. the whole hysteria whipped up by some newspapers over the mythical banning of schoolgirls wearing skirts rather bemuses me.

In my memory, with the rare exception, often by wearing a skirt so short (although incredibly long by some some trannies standards) they ended being being sent home. Which is what they wanted. Many years later there's a future partner who excitedly suggests they put on their old uniform for a bit of fun only to be disappointed when she appears in a pair of trousers, an old blouse with a frayed cardie.

But apparently there are schools where skirts are worn and in the current guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission to public bodies regarding trans users one part politely suggests transgendered boys should be allowed to wear trousers and that it may be unlawful if they don't. All perfectly fair and right one might think given the great discomfort and distress a trans boy may feel if no allowance was made. Suddenly it gets blown up to be a blanket ban on school girls wearing skirts.

(Though personally this blogger feels it to be a highly retrograde step that in the second decade of the 21st century there could be schools which only permit girls to wear skirts in this country. That along with my views on gender identity will probably be dismissed as "ultra-feminist drivel" undermining "traditional British values". I'm not sure what's meant by the latter comment presumably in "Mail world" that's going back to sending unmarried mothers to mental institutions and hideously racist comments are just a bit of banter).

Total bollocks of course, but you suspect they don't really care about the truth when there's newspapers to fill and a daily quote of things to hate to be met, especially if it allows them to bash their traditional targets. Which is that hideous notion of basic transgender rights. As it rumbled on the commenter's, especially the male ones, a little hot under the collar. Many trans children have a hard enough time as it is with bullying and some driven to suicide without attacks like this and the suggestion you are not trans or in a minuscule group that its not worth bothering with. The numbers one suspects are under-reported, some parents, often well meaning, try to deal with it privately or the child learns to hide it.

Its not the only recent example of a document being so distorted it bears no recognition to the original. Claims of secret plots appear regularly along with phrases like PC gone mad and lunacy. Often after someone's done some digging the truth is rather more prosaic with things done for very good reasons. Which shows despite claims to the contrary shows that you can make it up.


  1. It turned out the "school bans conkers" story was based on a mis-remembered misquote by a teacher who'd been asked for goggles by a student many years ago...

    The ideal policy would have something like "Black trousers or black skirt (knee length or longer)".

    I have a friend only in her early 20s who said when she was at school her uniform was trousers and a poloshirt with the school logo on. It was a unisex uniform applied across the board. And was no doubt helpful for mixed gender families when it came to hand-me-down time :D

  2. I read that article. Did you know they were at most a mere 5,000 trans folk in the UK? I sure didn't ! xD!
    While I can see the point of 'Guidance' where the uniform the Girls only permits skirts, the majority of State School uniforms have a Trouser option for girls.
    Common sense I would thought was that the child wear the uniform appropriate to their gender identity rather than burying in case of offence. Sad fact is some may interpret the Guidance as 'No skirts = no legal threats' and ban them!
    It is a matter of record that I wear a skirt at school cos my GG friends bless them smuggled one in and we took over store rooms at recess to try and deal with my gender Dysphoria at the time by giving me a time slot to be a school girl.On residential visits we even got together and played with make up!!!!

    Regards Caroline (Mc1)

  3. Press reporting, politics, realpolitik, prejudice, misunderstanding - its a heady mix.

    I will need to be circumspect - I'm privy to the inside on two unrelated political stories - unrelated but with a strange overlap of individual participants - I can see the press reporting, the executive offices briefing against each other (and, indeed somedays against themselves)- local stories, not national yet, quite possibly never national at all. What I can see is the press reporting bearing no relation to the actualité.

  4. My main concern is were does this leave the Scots? :)

    As occasional skirt wearers, I think we've all felt the chill of winter weather. No wonder so many women prefer trousers.

  5. Nice one, Lucy.. :-)


  6. @Lucy - (although incredibly long by some some trannies standards)

    Now look what you've done. I spit a mouth full of tea all over my keyboard when I read that.

    @Lynn - As occasional skirt wearers, I think we've all felt the chill of winter weather.

    But, Lynn, it feels so good, especially on those chilly California evenings where it might get down to the low 60's F (15 C).

    Calie xx

  7. Some great comments, thank you everyone x


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