Friday, 18 December 2009

Hairybum and Smith

"So whose the patent Dr Hairybum?"

"Someone called Lucy and Its pronounced Haribom by the way, Dr..."

"Smith, the writer couldn't be bothered to come up with another funny name. Is she still asleep or has she finally topped herself?"

"Sleeping, again."

"Anything we can do for her?"

"No! Apart from offering more and more happy pills she's an absolutely fucking hopeless case. Doubt there's a cure for what she's got, it's too much to deal with and I'm not sure she's got the fight in her."

"Only one thing for it then..."


  1. Are you OK Lucy? Not sure what to read in - or not - to this? If anything...

  2. "Oh, she has the fight in her, Doc."

    "Keep giving her those happy pills. That will take away the fight in her"

    Now, about the common question from Lynn and Jess?

    Calie xxx


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