Monday, 16 March 2009

Anti-Starbucks Based Rant

To me Starbucks stands for a lot of things I despise, what I want is a cheap cuppa most of the time not a overpriced double wocca choca latte with my daily calorie intake catered for in a few mouthfuls. I do wonder how they have at times avoided the whole super-size me controversy that dealt McDonalds a almighty kick when essentially both are pushing fatty products most of the time. I would be tempted to say there's an element of snobbishness. Yes they do also sell black espresso's but MackyD's sell carrot sticks, doesn't mean most are going to touch it.

What else its the most expensive for crap coffee a taste tester gave them 1.5 out of 5 compared to Caffe Nero's 4 and was found by Which? researchers to be the most expensive. To be fair this is a free market and people buy brands for the lifestyle rather than quality or price Also their previous success forced many rivals to improve their offering. But hey, you read the title, you don't expect me to be really nice and I haven't even started on their business and employment practices.

In short not a fan, much like Lord Mandelson.


  1. I think you are right on the snobbishness.

    US media types see McD's as "for the plebs", and drink at Starbucks themselves. Why would they attack something they like?

    I started hating them when I found out about their policy of opening several competing franchises in an area to drive out the competition.

  2. Thank the dark powers that someone else is against that horrible franchise. I have a sort of horrible respect for them only because of their continued success despite the fact that they somehow manage to do everything totally wrong and make people love them for being such an eff-up. Proof that most humans are totally insane because the fact they are still in business and doing so well completely defies conventional logic.

    Welcome to the conspiracy club, lol.

  3. Reasons for using them:

    1. There's nowhere else
    2. There's somewhere else but the coffee is even worse
    3. We're out of meeting rooms, and a short Americano can be made to last over an hour
    4. You're with a believer, and can't be bothered to argue
    5. Er
    6. That's it.

    Ignoring the actual product, it's a fantastic bit of brand development

  4. Can't say I'm a fan either... perhaps it didn't help that the tea I had was rubbish. :-)

    I've read abou the 'move in & take over' tactics and while they are not the only firm who've done it, they've certainly been tarred with that brush.

  5. I've succumbed a few times, each swearing never again then thinking "it must just be me"!

    Made a mistake of buying something in a can once out of a vending machine with their name on it when I was desperately in search of a caffeine "rush" and couldn't believe it was worse!

    Next time I'll go without, thank you!


  6. Im not saying that Starbucks get it all perfect, but they do at least offer Fairtrade beans, something Nero does not.

    You have to remember that before they came along, most UK attempts at coffee came in the form of volcanicly hot tastless brown dirge from your local greasy spoon in a polystyrene cup. I dont mourn that for a second.

    Im sure in countries that have a deep rooted coffee culture, that Starbucks has caused the closure of some wonderful local coffee houses.

  7. @Pandora I always wondered why they bunched them together.

    @Liz Proud member of the conspiracy club. It has always mystified me that they do so well inspite of their mistakes.

    @Demi Belated hello to the blog. I respect your belief and agree with your last line it is a great brand that has risen quickly.

    @Lynn They do tea!

    @Alan Yes they have expanded their brand into supermarkets etc. Nowhere's safe.

    @Kristina Another belated hello. I do acknowledge they along with Niro forced others to improve their offerings in the UK shame about overseas.


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