Monday, 24 March 2008

White Easter.

Easter's very early this year with a biting cold wind and a late night dusting of snow round my part of the world, which is probably a disappointment to many who hoped to use the time off to do a little gardening or other chores.
For myself its hardly edifying. I spent it curled up watching television or tucked up in my warm welcoming duvet sneezing every so often and blowing my runny nose. It's not that I had any social life to begin with even if I felt well enough.
Anyway, hope you had a fabulous Easter whatever system of belief you have.


  1. There's definately something going about. As I sit and type this I'm waiting for the next coughing fit. (lovely!).
    Happy belated Easter.
    oh, cute bunny wabbit by the way.

  2. Thanks Sophie, I've had two bugs in quick succession, theirs the relief at finally getting better, fingers crossed I don't get a third.


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