Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sugar Sugar Kandy Pop! Push it Down Pull it Up!

Much like a contestant on Knightmare, the late 80's through to the 90's, Dungeons and Dragons inspired, rpg quest show Anglia Television made for Childrens ITV in the few minutes they weren't making nature films. In that I'm constantly saying "where am I"? and am very unlikely to make it to the end without being killed in some way after wrongly choosing the arrow over the tankard, the latter I could have exchanged for a spell to disarm the bomb or something daft like that.

I'm back for another year of underwhelming witterings. In the intervening weeks since my last entry a new year has begun, snow-mageddon has been and melted while the nations landfill sites groan with uneaten bread bought in a panic buying tizzy and built two snowmen, one with my niece the other ended up looking slightly evil.

In a recent dream (yes I know descriptions of other peoples dreams are the very boring things to read and that everyone thinks they are the exception to that rule) sat opposite me at the kitchen table was someone who I communicate with often online but have never met in person. There we were just drinking coffee, not even worthy of a PG rating.

Meeting people who you know only from their blog or other virtual conduit can be a strange experience and I'm rather crap at small talk anyway so there follows either awkward silence or the most awkward conversation since Meg Ryan went on Parkinson as many know to their cost.

In a future entries I'll detail some other things on my mind, probably returning to some old themes along the way.

This music video explains the title, I remember hearing it originally while going through one of many thousands of pieces of coursework.


  1. Welcome back, Lucy!!! :-)


  2. I have no recollection of that Knightmare show.... But do recall a boardgame with that title and theme.

    Would they be related?


  3. Well hello again.

    A very belated happy new year :)


  4. Welcome back...I look forward to seeing you, each and every time!

    Snowmageddon! That brought me a smile, as if I'm lucky the last of mine will be melting today and hopefully the ice that is still in my gutters will as well!


  5. Thank you Chrissie, Stace and Alan x.

    I wondered if it was a little too late to say happy new year, but hey, why not?

    @Chrissie I don't know if the two are related. I wouldn't surprised if there wasn't a spin off product from the show though.

  6. I vaguely recall the show but yes meeting someone face to face is kinda different to your online experiences although having to deal with strangers in my job helps to break the ice a bit.

  7. Welcome back. Knightmare? 'Ooo! Nasty' :D That does take me back... as does Bis. :) Did anyone ever complete a quest I wonder?

    Meeting people who you know only from their blog...

    Yeah, that can be kinda odd, but fun none-the-less. Maybe I've just been lucky and met the talkative ones :)

  8. I always enjoy reading your posts, Lucy. Occassional posts are not a bad thing.

    I have made many email friends (from distant reaches) via my blog but I think I have only met two face-to-face. Obviously, that does not count my local friends. I have spoken to a few others on the phone and the voice on the other end is never what you expect. Nevertheless, to hear the human voice that goes with the beautiful words that I love to read is always exhilarating. I have often thought how nice it would be if all of the T-bloggers could somehow get together and meet. I know Becky did something like that in the UK but it is a bit easier to get around over there than it is here in the States.

    Calie xxx

  9. Even though I'm talking to you in the angels chat room, I'd thought I'd leave a comment anyway. Knightmare was a fantastic show. Would be great if they remade it somehow.


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